Český les (Bohemian Forest) – surroundings of Domažlice

The area of the Bohemian Forrest – Chodenland stretches along the German borderline, between the Pilsner hilly area and Šumava. Up to now it retains its ragged surface, the beauty of deep forests, hillsides and picturesque valleys. The region maintains popular folklore for centuries, which some of the ethnographic festivals represent - the Chodenland festival.  



Attractions in the region

Definitely worth visiting is the historic part of the town, where a number of interesting objects documenting the life of the Czech border guards remained well preserved. Lot of castle ruins, châteaux and natural sights in the wooded hills of the PLA (Protected Landscape Area) Český les (Czech Forest).






Urban conservation area, the Royal city was built by Přemysl Otakar II., Chod castle, baroque monastery, gothic and renaissance houses. A rectangular square with a slightly inclined cylindrical leaning tower belonging to the parish church


Kdyně – a town on the joint between Domažlice and Klatovy



Horšovský Týn - urban conservation area





Castles, châteaux and folk architecture

Historical villages in Chodenland – Draženov, Chodov, Klenčí pod Čerchovem, Klíčov, Chodská Lhota, Mrákov, Pocinovice, Postřekov, Stráž, Tlumačov a Újezd

Château Horšovský Týn – a renaissance château with an early gothic chapel, an example of the castle living from the 16th and 20th century


Koloveč – a production of ceramics, art and crafts museum


Old Herštejn – ruins of an early gothic castle from the year 1270 on a steep rock


Rýzmberk Castle – ruins of a gothic castle, lookout tower, view on a part of Domažlice and the Czech Forest



Újezd – the birthplace of Jan Sladký Kozina. A memorial hall at Kozina farm, on the hill is the Kozina memorial



Château Trhanov – a baroque château from the 17th century founded by Volf Maximilián Lamingen of Albenreuthu (known as Lomikar)


Kout in Šumava - the original fortress was rebuilt into a château


Poběžovice Castle - a castle from the late 15th century adapted to a château, today abandoned.



Netřeb - a castle ruin.

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